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Just checking in.

Hello fellow survivors, I have not been here for a while and thought it would be nice to check on everyone and give an update on myself for those watching. I had my first spinal and skull MRI this time at MDAnderson, and the findings were small lesions is several places in my spine, and one small one on the right side of my skull. They have not innervated the spinal canal, thank GOD. At this time only one of them in the middle of my back causes me pain in the flank area which has been getting more severe as of late. Localized radiation will be the treatment of choice if the tumors in the spine continue to grow. As of now, there is still no chemotherapy treatments recommended for me to start, as they are all experimental, and a certain growth pattern must be seen before someone is accepted into these test programs. The doctors are reviewing my first scans and my current ones (I hope) to get the entire growth pattern a this point. What they tell me is that basically everything is stable, which is good enough, but there was a terrible recommendation that came from this last trip to the hospital. Due to my rising blood levels of calcitonin and metastatic disease, they recommend against me getting pregnant. That was a stab in the heart at the time, but I have spoken to the right people, and I am going to do it anyways because that is what I want to do. Starting in August after a trip to Las Vegas, it's baby making time for me. Well thank you for reading, and I hope all will be well with those of you who wish it that way. Take care.
Mike, Lisa sent you a prayer.
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Its good to hear from you and I am glad to hear that things are stable but it still sucks that you have to go through. We are to young, but I agree that you should do whatever is going to make you happy in this life and if that means having a baby then that is exactly what you should do. I am praying for you and hope that one day you will be cancer free and be able to enjoy life the way you are supposed. God bless Stacey
Hi Elizabeth, I was pleased to see your post. It is good that your situation is basically stable, but certainly frustrating that you are in pain and must plan for more radiation. I am really glad that you got another opinion about pregnancy. Hang in there and stay in touch. Andrea
You are so strong. Please take care of yourself. Sounds like there is going to be a little soul on this earth who needs a momma to raise him/her. You are so young to be dealing with all of this. Wishing you all the best results with your treatment and recovery.
I was just diagnosed with the same thing. My sister was diagnosed back in May of 2009. Not sure what I'm in for. Have my first appt with the doctor and surgeon on Friday.
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Writing on a good day

Hello community, I did not want all my blogs to be horrible cancer news, and would like everyone to know that despite the disease, I am ok most of the time. I have been blessed with an amazing, beautiful daughter that adores me, prays for me, and is always there to make me feel better when I'm down. God has given me an amazing life with a trustworthy husband that continues to stand by me in the face of ugliness and disease. I have a beautiful home, my kitties, a nice car, and let me tell you how much more I appreciate all these things now compared to before. I go about each day as if I were going to live another 40 years, and if I have my way, I will. Cancer is on my mind a lot, because I can feel it, and when I get sad I just think that there really is no use in depressing myself and missing out on something good or productive that I could be doing instead, to better my life with my family, in case it is over soon. It's not even that scary to me to go to heaven, its the process of dying slowly, or being debilitated, or losing my husband and daughter, or having to watch them lose me. But again I digress. Having cancer is worthless if one can't finally appreciate what they have to lose, and Lord knows I do.
Kellye sent you a prayer.
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Elizabeth You have an amazing, strong spirit! I am so glad you have a strong family. I understand about having a daughter who loves you and how that helps. I feel very lucky for each of my 2 daughters and 3 sons. One of my daughters is the rock in our house and guess what her middle name is Elizabeth! I named her that because of the strength in that name. I have read back in your blogs and see so much strenth in you . You are so young and I hope and pray that the amount of strength that I feel when reading your blogs, helps you through this awful disease. Hugs to you and Yours Val
I understand totally what you mean - I wish I could learn to be more thankful for alot of the things I have in life despite all that it has made me lose. Your post is much appreciated, I will definitely say that - keep the gloves on...
Today my brother from out of town asked me if i was talking to him from home. I explained i was taking my daughter to day care on the way to work. He commented how difficult it must be to have so much responsibility to be a single mother, who has to continue to work full time, and deal with cancer alone (because the rest of my family is absent from my life). without a second thought, i wrote back to explain to him, "what used to be a responsibility is now a privilege" those words have stuck with me all day. It was my privilege to take care of my clients. it was my privilege to go to work and my privilege to feed my children and take care of them and dance with them and talk to them. Cancer changes much in our life - what used to be my responsibility, is now my privilege. It's nice to know there are other people who feel the same way. Stay strong girl. We're getting through this, one fight at a time.
Hi Elizabeth, It's fine to post on the crummy days as well as the good ones. Cancer seems to make the lows lower and the highs higher. But we still have to take them one at a time. You have such spirit and passion, and you are using them both to get through this cancer maze. Prayers and hugs, Andrea
We all love life more now, and maybe thats the point? Keep ur head and ur spirits high...im praying for u
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nothing for now; experimental chemo is available when accepted into trials, and radiation can be done on tumors to alleviate pain in the spine if necessary.

Lymph nodes, neck, lung, liver, bone (spine, iliac crest, one spot on right side of skull)

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